Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New MPA Ad Campaign - Magazine Ad Pages Grow 1%

Magazine Ad Pages Grow Just 1% in First Quarter But Industry Sees 7% Bump in Revenue
By Nat Ives article_id=116015

NEW YORK ( -- Magazine ad pages in the first quarter of 2007 came in only 1% higher than in the slow kickoff quarter last year, according to new statistics from the Publishers Information Bureau. Family Circle, which saw ad pages up 30%, was a big winner during the first quarter. Golf Magazine didn't fare as well -- it was down 20%.

Estimated revenue, it should be noted, grew 6.9% over first-quarter 2006, according to the bureau. And even measured by ad pages, certain ad categories outperformed the average by a long shot. Ads for drugs and remedies, for example, consumed 13.7% more ad pages than they did last year, while retail grew 9.2% and food and food products expanded 7.3%.

Six major categories decline
But those gains were offset by declines in six of the 12 big ad categories tracked by the bureau, including home furnishings and supplies, which fell 15.5%, and financial, insurance and real estate, which dropped 10.8%.

Among the magazines, big winners included Dennis Publishing's Blender, where ad pages grew 35.6%; Meredith Corp.'s Family Circle, up 30.3%; National Geographic Traveler, up 34%; Time Inc.'s Real Simple, up 32%; and Sound & Vision, part of Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., up 33.6%.

The news was worse for magazines including the Advocate, which saw ad pages decline 40.9%; Golf Magazine from Time Inc., down 20%; Guideposts, off 25.2%; Time Inc.'s Money, down 33.2%; Nickelodeon, down 40.3%; and PC Magazine, from Ziff Davis Publishing, down 38.8%.

The Publishers Information Bureau also said it is discontinuing monthly reports in favor of a quarterly model; the next numbers from them will arrive in July.


Big brands featured in MPA magazine ad campaign production/40688.html

Underscoring just how effective magazines can be in engaging consumers directly — and how they can improve advertisers’ results — four top-tier advertisers have joined the consumer magazine industry’s new advertising campaign.

Ads featuring Charles Schwab, Hewlett-Packard, Saturn and Verizon Wireless have been placed in trade-industry publications.

The ads feature jagged portions of a full-page ad that appears to have been torn from a magazine as well as copy that explains why readers often tear ads out and respond to them.

The online components of the campaign include the Web site at and banner ads.

Advertisers see the campaign as an opportunity to present more direct, in-depth product information to consumers so they can take the ad with them or pass it along to others.

The ads will run first in Advertising Age, Adweek, Brandweek, Mediaweek, Automotive News and the Advertiser, as well as on the Web sites of those trade publications. The ads will also run on the Web sites of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Jack Myer’s MediaVillage and the AAA SmartBrief newsletter.

At least 60 consumer magazines have committed to insert the ads in their complimentary copies this year. The copies are circulated to members of the ad community and in publishers’ letters that accompany the magazines.

The campaign is directed by the MPA’s Magazine Marketing Collation, which is comprised of MPA- member publishers and allied industries that include printers and paper manufacturers.

Their goal is to boost awareness of the effectiveness of consumer magazines in the advertising community.

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