Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Print Ads Come out Top of the Charts

Print ads come out top of the charts with UK consumers
Print advertising generates the most positive reaction with UK consumers and is seen as having the most relevance, according to a study.
Dynamic Logic's latest AdReaction study gauges consumer's opinions of advertising. Newspaper ads top the chart with 53% of consumers considering them as "very" or "somewhat" positive.
Christina Goodman, Director of Global Marketing & Business Development, Dynamic Logic, said: "When asked about their overall attitudes towards general advertising formats, consumers feel very differently about the various media platforms.
Certainly, if asked, most people will never say they would like to have more advertising in their lives. However, the results show that there are certain types of advertising that people may be more receptive towards.
"More interruptive or intrusive formats, such as telemarketing and SPAM (Non-opt-in email) are towards the bottom of the list in terms of consumer appeal. Print advertising (Newspapers and Magazine) as well as TV and Outdoor advertising rate most positively.
"What is surprising is the breadth of feelings about different advertising formats. This research shows there is a significant difference between how consumers feel about Mobile ads (70% negative) versus Newspaper ads (9% negative)."
Mobile phones
Mobile phones are considered extremely personal to the consumer and the perception may be that ads on mobile phones will be intrusive and interruptive - like SPAM, even more so than telemarketing and non-opt-in emails, according to this ranking.
Therefore, there is an opportunity for advertisers and brands to change this perception by connecting with their audience when the message is relevant. It is also likely that many of the people have not yet seen mobile ads, so this perception may vary with exposure.
Online ads
Online search ads fall among the middle of the list, perhaps because search remains a relatively new ad format compared to Newspaper and TV (where people are trained to expect advertising).
Search ads - designed to be informative within an information-seeking environment - tend to strive for relevancy, thus one might expect for that reason alone to see search higher on the list of consumer preference.

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