Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The New, Simple, Easy, Fool-proof Method for Any Magazine's Success

The New, Simple, Easy, Fool-proof Method for Any Magazine's Success
By Bob Sacks

For some reason, the latest mantra in the print world is that we have finally been saved and we have proof that we are forceful and relevant as demonstrated by the success of one title. I actually love the magazine and look forward to getting it each month. But I am so sick of hearing about the salvation of the magazine industry based on the success of The Food Network Magazine that I am today, here and now, drawing a line in the sand.

Here, my friends, is a simple, absolutely fool-proof formula for starting any successful magazine:

Step 1: Have a successful TV show for 20 years.

Step 2: Make sure that this successful TV show has plenty of variety in both topics and stars

Sub Step 2a: The show must have plenty of celebrities. (Creating the long-term celebrity status on the show is more than permissible; it is preferable.)

Step 3: Wait 20 years for proof of concept and a mass audience.

Step 4: (This is the easy step.) Produce a wildly successful magazine based on the wildly successful TV show.

Step 5: Claim that this new, simple and easy approach to printed products is the foundation of the success of the magazine industry.

Step 6: Repeat as often as necessary. Just create another wildly successful TV show and go back to Step 1

If you follow these ultra-simple Bo-Steps to magazine success, you will be considered a veritable media genius.

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Scott said...

Amen, brother! To be fair, they have tapped into design elements and packaging ideas that are resonating with folks, but it's all driven by the shows and stars. And, as a foodie, i think they deliver almost zero true food content--it's food entertainment, not an epicurean experience (which is fine too, just be honest). Look forward to meeting you in Oxford this fall @ the ACT Experience.