Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Magazine Launches: A healthy August

New Magazine Launches: A healthy August
Posted by Samir Husni

The August numbers of new magazine launches are in and they are almost double than July, but still short of the numbers of August 2006. A total of 61 new titles were launched in August compared to that of 74 last August bringing the number of new magazines so far to 439 way short of the 681 new titles launched in the same period of 2006. The good news this month is that the number of titles launched with four time frequency or above is 27 which is 16 more titles than the 11 launched in August 2006. The overall number of new titles launched with a frequency of four time or above so far this year has reached 163 compared to that of 217 for the same reporting period of 2006. By far August has been a very good month for new magazine launches, a much needed boost in the midst of some of the announcements of magazine closures. I am glad The Reaper is providing a RIP website and I am gladder that the delivery room in the magazine world is introducing many more titles than The Reaper can handle. For a complete list and images of all the new titles of 2007 so far click here.

Want to know how the year is shaping up so far? You can keep track of the new titles month-by-month, as well as how this year's numbers compare to the last. Click on the months below to view their respective releases in all their glossy glory. You may also click on each graph to see a larger version of it. The graphs and covers will all be updated as we receive new titles.

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